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Commenting rules

It is certain that the comments of our valued visitors matter to us and make us very happy, so we hope that you will contribute to enriching the site with your valuable participation, while adhering to our comment law. If necessary, any visitor can report any violation through the report button on the comments:
  The comment must have a direct link to the content of the saying, and there is nothing wrong with sub-discussions that enrich the content.
  That the comment does not include defamation, slander, defamation or insults towards another user.
  That the comment does not include any transgression of religion or insult to a people or a country.
  Do not attack a person who expressed an opinion that you did not like or criticize the direction of your favorite artist. This is his personal opinion and you do not have the right to confiscate his opinion just because you love the band.
  Chat is strictly prohibited and any member who does so will be immediately banned.
  It is prohibited to use images extensively without any benefit or enrichment of the comment you wrote... In addition to branching out with comments to express how beautiful an artist is in a picture used by a member and thus prolonging the discussion about the beauty of that artist instead of the content of the article itself.
  Comments in the form of requests or complaints are prohibited from the site. If you have any useful comments or constructive criticisms, you can write to us through the “Contact Us” page. As for the negative and unhelpful complaints in the comments, they will be deleted, and if the matter is repeated by a particular member more than once, the member will be permanently banned.
  We know that everyone can make mistakes, so we will usually only delete minor violations, but if we notice that a certain person repeats the violation time and time again, we will ban him.